Midwest JS

Mike Plummer

Intro to ReactJS

Learn the basics of ReactJS development in a lecture and hands-on workshop format. React, the Javascript framework by Facebook, is one of the most popular options today for building fast, scalable, maintainable user interfaces for web and mobile. This training workshop will expose you to the basic concepts of how React works and how to get started through a comprehensive series of lectures and hands-on workshops. By the end of the day, you will have learned the fundamentals of the framework and implemented a real React application. Topics: - Tools and techniques for modern Javascript development - Fundamentals of React: components, state, and rendering - Routing: how to move the user around your application - Forms: how to get input from the user - Redux: Overview of global state management (time permitting) - Tips and tricks for React development - Overview of advanced React topics: high-level descriptions of topics that learners can dig into now that they know the basics Prerequisites: Attendees should have a solid understanding of modern Javascript (ES2015) in order to get the most out of this training. (let/const, arrow functions, promises, etc).