Midwest JS

Mark Volkmann

Get Hooked on React!

Hooks enable implementing stateful React components with functions instead of classes. The benefits of using hooks include: * provides easier ways to work with component state and context * removes the need to understand the `this` keyword * removes the need to understand what it means to bind a function, and when to do it * supports using "effects" in place of lifecycle methods which makes it possible to better organize related code such as adding/removing event listeners and opening/closing resources * makes it easier to reuse state logic between multiple components than using higher-order components and render props * improves ability for tooling to optimize code because it is easier to optimize functions than classes This talks covers everything you need to know to get started using hooks in React function components.


Mark is a partner and principal software engineer at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) in St. Louis, where he provides software engineering and training services. Mark's areas of focus include Java, XML, Web, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, and AngularJS application development.