Midwest JS

Kristina Durivage

IoT Hacking for Web Devs

For those of us used to solving problems with software, it can be difficult to branch out to solving problems with technology in the physical world. However, internet connected hardware projects can open up what we build and how people interact with technology in ways that's worth the struggle. In this session, Kristina will go from soldering an LED, connecting it to the internet, and creating a simple web app to monitor sensor data. She'll provide an overview of the different options available and give some pointers for people getting started.

Observable Systems at SmartThings with TrackJS

SmartThings is a platform that connects users with multiple third-party applications. Like many modern systems, we depend on many systems we cannot control. By examining client-side errors in our configuration editor, we can see who is having problems in- and out-side of our platform. Using TrackJS monitoring tools as the linchpin to tie together observability metrics, SmartThings was able to grow platform partnerships by understanding third-party outages, exceptions, and misconfigurations in real-time. Learn how you can combine observability tools, like TrackJS, to build metrics unique to your system problems.


Kristina Durivage is a front end engineer for Smartthings by day, and a hardware hacker by night. She lives in Minneapolis.