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Jennifer Wadella

Hacking your work life __ balance to take over the world.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, so how do some people seem accomplish so much more? It’s time to learn to hack your work life __ balance to have more time to pursue your passion projects, spend more time with those you love, while keeping your work ethic strong. Let’s take over the world!

Building a Super Performant GossipGirl.com in Gatsby in Under 50 Minutes

Hey, Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here bringing you the scoop on rapidly building static websites in React. I don’t know about you, but my site is in a major need of an overhaul, so we’re going to rebuild it in under 50 minutes using GatsbyJS. We’ll make SEO look hot and blow some minds with performance testing, do you think can you handle it? I know Lighthouse can. XOXO.