Midwest JS

Daniel Brain

JSX is the unsung hero of React

Everybody using React in 2019 knows something about JSX. It's that weird XML-esque syntax that we embed directly into our javascript files. To begin with we hate it, then we learn to put up with it, then one morning the real stockholm syndrome kicks in and we wake knowing the truth: JSX has truly worked its way into our hearts. At PayPal, almost every dev team has adopted React in some way. But we've also started to realize that JSX is hugely powerful even when React is out of the picture. This talk is a love-letter to JSX. It's about how what started as a simple compile-to-javascript templating language, has transformed how we render user-experiences in a functional way. It's about the weird and wonderful things you can use JSX for. And it's about how JSX has grown in usefulness beyond the role it plays in React.