Midwest JS

Brian Weyer

A Way Forward, or Adding Typescript Compilation/Webpack to a Monolith

Every project acquires technical debt. Some have the luxury of growing modularly, with great flexibility. Others however, can grow into monoliths if left unchecked. When they do grow into monoliths, how do we safely begin to break the monolith down, or keep it up to date with newer/safer technology? This session will discuss the addition of TypeScript/Webpack to an aging build system, how it has helped enable both the roadmap and developers to make better choices for the future of the system. Including: - Integrating webpack alongside gulp - Dealing with (legacy) manual package and path resolution in the short term - Setting up separate tsconfigs per client application - Maintaining your current versions, configure our test runner for TS tests - Making the old build system pick up the transpiled TS - How has this enabled developers? - Where to next?